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New Sawmill Opens in Port Alberni

Mar 30, 2021 | Port Alberni News

Soaring price of lumber has Vancouver Island sawmills running at full speed…

As the essential building blocks of B.C.’s skyrocketing housing industry, lumber now cost as much as three times what it did before the pandemic.

Nanaimo builder Marlon Brown, owner of Marnix Contracting, calls the meteoric rise of lumber prices mind-boggling.

“Yeah it’s hit us so bad it’s crazy,” he said. “You’re about $10,000 more for a house, just on lumber.”

The North American building boom has outstripped supply, just as southern U.S. sawmills struggle to get back up and running following loosening COVID-19 restrictions — resulting in B.C.’s mills attempting to feed the hungry demand.

A new remanufacturing mill in Port Alberni which opened in March will capitalize on the boom by taking wood right from harvest to home. Unlike a traditional sawmill, this facility is flexible and efficient and also does its own finishing.  The concept is working so well that the company plans to expand and hire more workers which is great for Port Alberni’s local economy.

“The vision and the mentality of the SAN group of getting more out of every log that’s taken out of our forest is incredible,” said Port Alberni Mayor, Sharie Minions. “I think it solidifies the future of the forest industry in our community,” she said.


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